After finishing his B.F.A. at Auburn University in 1969, Henry moved to New York City. There he experienced first-hand the legendary works of Abstract Expressionism, and artists such as Pollock and DeKooning had an immense influence on his work. Unlike many of his contemporaries that responded against abstract art with a push toward conceptualism and political art, Henry embraced the notion of action and color-fields as primary carriers of emotion and intellect. One could say that Henry’s brand of abstract art serves as a bridge between the mid-twentieth century and the early-twenty first.

In the line of so many artists who embrace abstract tendencies, Henry’s paintings are unique in that he never uses paint and surface-size to threaten or shock. His approach seems to harness a quiet action that reveals an assertive but gentle relationship with the medium. In many ways, Henry’s work empowers the medium and seems to give it choice, while he leans toward the decision on the specific direction. Unlike his predecessors, Henry’s work is not a macho-heroism that dominates over nature, but harkens to a soft footprint observing and designing with a relaxed spirit of independence. Whereas the Abstract Expressionists saw painting as a huge dominant theatre onto itself, Henry’s work holds to the idea that a painting works better with the elements of a personal space and the relationship best when intimate and peaceful.

Henry has remained committed to a focus on color combinations, painterly applications, and bold gestures. He uses paint and surface to further a Zen-like philosophy and a devout connection to nature. With a consistent body of work that progresses through several decades, Henry’s approach speaks to a sincere belief in the power of intuition and empathy. 

Chad Wesley Airhart, Ph.D., Independent Artist and Scholar



Reinike Gallery
Atlanta, GA  /  2001 – Present    www.reinikegallery.com

  • ARToberfest: New Works by Seven Amazing Artists – October – November 2019
  • One Person Exhibition: Segue – October – November 2018
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Segue – Reinike Gallery, Atlanta, GA
One Person Exhibition, October – November, 2018

Without Boundaries – Reinike Gallery, Atlanta, GA
One Person Exhibition, October – November, 2017

A Passion For Color – Reinike Gallery, Atlanta, GA
One Person Exhibition, October-November, 2015

Beyond Abstraction – Expressing Nature – Reinike Gallery, Atlanta, GA
One Person Exhibition, September – October, 2014

Of Heaven and Earth – Art Basel/Miami Beach, Miami Beach, FL
Two Person Exhibition, with sculptor James Vilona, November – December 2005

Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL
12th Annual All Florida Exhibition, Winter 2005

Images Exhibition Center, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
Group Exhibitions, 2005 – 2008

Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL
2005 Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Exhibition