HCPortion2WebThese abstract paintings evolve from my free-spirited approach in the studio. I begin with a color, or color-combination, or something structural such as texture. It may vary, but once the first layer is applied, the rest is a series of reactions. In the end, there may or may not be evidence of the painting’s beginnings. But sometimes one section of a painting is strong enough to bring the others along. That element may evolve or change, and each time this happens the work evolves again and includes hints of what came before.

I work and re-work, adding layers to a painting until it becomes something I could not have predicted at the start. Risks and uncertainty are welcomed, and I endeavor to keep the work open to all possibilities, changes and directions.

The expressionist work is about the process of painting, and for me it is very physical. The paintings are created on stretched canvas, gallery wrapped, and painted flat in order to take advantage of shifting and drying acrylic paint. They develop as I work: applying paint, stretching canvases, mixing new colors, searching out new tools and experimenting with new methods.